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S.R ART CENTRE Established in 1997 with more than 25 Years of experience in architectural model field and we delivered more than Thousands of projects all over the world as well we are leading firm in India & earned a Performance- Driven fame. Moreover our team has set the benchmark for contemporary architectural models to develop & equipped with the latest technology like laser cutting machines. And we are one of the best 3d model maker or architectural model maker firm in India.

Farm House Model

Architectural Models

We all know that, Architectural models are the most useful technique you can take advantage of if you want to make people use all their senses in the process of discovering the building that are yet to be model.

Architects or builders uses architectural scale model for a range of purposes:

1.)Briefly 3d models, or sketch models are sometimes made to study the interchange of volumes, different outlooks, or concepts during the design process. so, they may also be useful in explaining a complex or unusual design to builders, or as a focus for discussion between designers and consultants such as architects, engineers, and town planners.

2.)Moreover Scale models do not go out of fashion. As well they can be used to exhibit, visualize or sell a final design. And model is also used as show pieces in the reception of a office, or as part of a museum exhibition such as scale replicas of historic buildings.

Our Services

Our services like: Housing Model, Landscape Model, Plant Model, Interior Model, Commercial Model Making, Laser Cutting, 3D Views & Walkthrough and more. You can check all services by clicking on services tab. 

Housing Model is like a residential building means any public building which is used for sleeping or lodging purposes and includes any apartment house, rooming house community−based residential facility or dormitory.

apex park square

Make your go-to-market process more efficient and effective by designing and implementing a commercial model and customer engagement strategy tailored to local markets and customers’ needs and behaviors.

A model can show precise details from tile layouts on the floor, to wall art, to designs in rugs and draperies, traffic flow and more. Additionally Interior models are an effective sales medium used for showing three- dimensional internal views of an architectural design or a structure.

A professional 3D rendering and walkthrough is a powerful visual tool that takes an architectural or design concept and brings it to life in a virtual environment. With the combination of stunning 3D graphics, precise detailing, and a seamless walkthrough experience, this service enables clients to fully visualize and understand their projects.

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We have completed so many projects for our clients. And we have made good relationship with our clients & earned a Performance- Driven fame. Because Our team of Architectural Model making experts with their vast knowledge and success in Architectural model design gives the client quick results.