About Us

S.R ART CENTRE Established in 1997 with more than 25 Years of experience in architectural model field and we delivered more than Thousands of projects all over the world we are leading firm in India & earned a Performance- Driven fame. Our team has set the benchmark for contemporary architectural models to develop & equipped with the latest technology like laser cutting machines.

Our Team

Our team of Architectural Model making experts with their vast knowledge and success in Architectural model design gives the client quick results and presents the stylish possible way to serve business owners as per their conditions and actual requirements.

We feed to the stylish Architectural model- making result and all types of non-metal laser cutting and engraving. We’re also doing MDF Cutting, engraving work on wood and working models, 3d views & Walkthrough. With our solid infrastructures and immense man-power, we’re suitable to concentrate upon and manage considerably the project that we take on, allowing us to satisfy the need and conditions of our clients efficiently and effectively.

Rakesh Sharma

Mr. Rakesh Sharma